Facebook Is Testing Augmented Reality Ads (Ar Ads) In NewsFeed

Hello everyone, I'm Manish and today I will share something which is must needed for the Advertisers to show off their products as Augmented reality ads (Ar Ads) in the facebook newsfeed. 

There would be a F8 developer conference earlier this year, Facebook have announced that they were working with businesses/Advertisers to use Augmented Reality Ads (AR Ads) to show off products in Messenger.

Here marketer's can easily place their ads and Facebook sells ads in Newsfeed that connect to Messenger conversations. Also, Messenger is trying to attract Advertisers in other ways, such as automated chat bots that can reply to any of the customer inquiries or questions. There are more than nearly 300,000 bots on Messenger, three times more than a year ago, Marcus said.

 So finally, a similar experience to start appearing in the News Feed with a select group of businesses/advertisers testing out AR ads.

How Augmented Reality Ads work ?

Augmented ads (Ar Ads) looks like normal in-feed ads at first, but the new part they included is a “Tap to try it on” option, which opens up the AR capabilities. Well, And its like the reality look and  if you like the way it looks in AR, you can go ahead and buy the product.

Facebook Is Testing Augmented Reality Ads (Ar Ads) In NewsFeed

Credits: Facebook

With that Facebook announced a new Video Creation Kit, which will allow the advertisers to incorporate existing images into templates for mobile video ads which is the plus point for advertisers. According to the resuls of videos performed is 77 percent better than the static images.

Also, Shopping for Instagram Stories will also be expanding in the months. It made shopping tag and to put stickers on a instagram story. It will enable a user to purchase. Only a few select brands were able to start using the stickers then, the program will begin rolling out globally today.

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