Hey Guys, warm welcome on my site in the last article i talked about How To Improve Google Ranking For Competitive Keywords? on which i got a good review so today i thought to write on some Essential and best SEO Strategy which you can follow in 2018 to rank your keywords high in Google. So, let us began towards the 5 Best SEO strategy which you can apply to rank your keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an easy industry at present. You need to have dedication and smart work to improve your presence on google. Everyone is looking for a volume of traffic through google by ranking their keywords high on Google. Now, to acquire high rank on google you need to prepare a strategy and work upon that continuously and with complete dedication. I have experience of failing in SEO Industry as well, but i didn't give up easily i learnt from my mistakes. And have made a simple strategy to rank my keywords on top of google.

If you have done research regarding ranking of keywords, you would have come across negative statements like SEO is dead. Which makes you feel nervous and confused. Let me say that SEO is not dead. Don't rely on anyone believe me SEO is one of the greatest tool to acquire traffic from google. Organic ranking is much more than keywords and backlinks.

Let me know you that Organic Ranking has various components, and here you cannot make mistake to focus on a single component. Example, You made a best article but if you don't market it, it decreases the component of effectiveness.

Best SEO Strategy To Apply In 2018

  • Do On-Page and Off-Page SEO

When you are making article remember the most important thing is to do On-Page SEO. You need to focus on another component that is Off-Page SEO which is building Link, e.t.c. You need to engage any amount of traffic from different ways such as Social Media or Guest Posting or take blog commenting. In 2018, you need to make a huge efforts and with complete dedication to rank the keywords. Also, you need to carry out Technical SEO optimization which is readability must be good.

  • Site Speed 

This is another factor which is increasing the site speed. You must have a Good Site Speed or else it can demotivate users to wait for long. You must optimize your site and also you may include Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) to speed up for mobile users.

  • Optimize Content for Different Display

You know there are lot many users who use Desktop, Mobile, Tablet e.t.c. Its most important step that is to optimize you display of site on different digital devices so that article could be visible effectively on any device.

  • Use Related keywords Into Article

Related Keyword are those Keywords which are related to your main keyword which you are trying to rank. If you include your related keywords into the article it will surely rank you up higher in google. Always look for suggestion from LSI Keywords.

You might have question:

What is LSI keyword ?

Ans- LSI keywords helps you to state your keyword in other ways. They helps to avoid keyword stuffing semantically related terms make your content more understandable and naturally flowing. It will surely help you to rank up higher because now google will relate your context of your post which will surely help you to rank high on competitive keywords.

4 Best SEO Strategy To Apply In 2018 1

If you don't have mobile indexing page then Google will automatically consider the desktop version. Google is slowly modifying the existing desktop version in such a way that it gives importance to how content is indexed from a mobile version. The main priority is given to how information is represented on mobile which is most important factor.

Hope you have gained knowledge from the article of best SEO Strategy to apply in 2018. I am waiting for your feedback about the post or any queries you may ask into comment section, I will reply as soon as Possible.