Hello Readers, I'm Manish and today I will share that how can you download the latest trending SEO plugin for wordpress, Rank Math SEO Plugin which has various features other plugins doesn't have. 

Rank Math SEO plugins comes with many extra features which other plugins doesn't have. I am confident that after using it you'll have a lot of easy in your work.

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugin but people are facing bugs issues which lead to decrease the rankings in google. Yoast team have officially apologized for their mistake for which most of people lost trust in Yoast.

So, people were looking for Yoast SEO alternative so now the best alternative for yoast according to me is Rank Math SEO Plugin.

Rank Math SEO Plugin will definitely change the WordPress SEO. People will have lots of features which can help them to rank their blog/website in google. 

Features of Rank Math SEO Plugin

Everyone needs an SEO plugin which can help their website/blog to rank in google. Isn't it ? 

Rank Math SEO plugin is the perfect solution for on-page activities including the technical optimization.

Here are Features of Rank Math SEO Plugin-

1. Lightweight & Speed-Optimized

The newly launched Rank math SEO plugin is lightweight & Speed optimized its just 2.47MB zipped.

If we compare the site speed using yoast, Rankmath is faster than yoast seo plugin.

2. Noob Friendly User Interface

You might be using Yoast SEO or any seo plugin which doen't have much benefits for newbies to understand the technical optimizations.

On the other hand, Rank Math SEO Plugin provided features like 404 monitoring, Rich Snippet (which is amazing feature to rank in search engine) and open graph. There may be some more features as well.

You just have to select Rich snippet type from the post itself without any coding and you can add schema microdata under Rich Snippets tab. 

It will definitely help you to rank higher in google.

3. SEO Content Analysis

Now, Like Yoast SEO suggests us the Readability score and errors also good results while writing a content. Rank Math is similar to that which will definitely be an amazing suggestions to improve on. 

Rank Math SEO Plugin - SEO Content Analysis

4. Rich Snippet

Now, the amazing part of this plugins is it contains the feature inbuilt which is Rich Snippet. 

Rich Snippet can definitely increase your Search engine rankings because it helps the article to rank with additional information including the image, ratings, and many more.

Plus Point is rich snippets have a higher click-through rate (CTR). It means Google understand the people are preferring your web page that ultimately results in the positive change in your site’s organic ranking. Just Look at the example in the picture below.

Rank Math SEO Plugin - Rich Snippet
Rank Math SEO Plugin - Rich Snippet

5. Social Sharing Preview

With Social Sharing preview you can manage how your title, description and image will look on social media platform like Facebook.

If you need a custom thumbnail title, and description and image to be shared on social media platforms, you can set it too.

I guess it's impressive ? Isn't it ?

Rank Math SEO Plugin - Social Sharing Preview

Download Rank Math SEO Plugin for WordPress FREE

Rank Math SEO Plugin is launching soon you can come here later to get the plugin or visit official website from here Rank Math SEO Plugin

There might be few bugs in the plugin as it is in beta. 

You can also import Yoast SEO data to Rank Math Plugin by just using export from Yoast SEO and import that settings file in Rank Math SEO Plugin.

The plugin is in beta version that its been testing to make it live for everyone. If you want the beta version you can simply download it from here.

If you have any queries regarding anything do comment or mail me [email protected] I will respond you as soon as possible.