Why Does February Month Have 28 Days ?

Hi Guys, I am Manish and today I will be explaining you why does February Month has only 28 days. This is the question which many of people don’t know or may be you have seen the advertisement in television where a small child asks his mom the same question and mom replies to extend the answer. So, I will not waste your time and let me start explaining you about it.

Why Does February Month Have 28 Days ?

Why Does February Month Have 28 Days ? 1

Earth moves around the sun to complete the orbit and it takes around 365.25 Days i.e 0.25 Days is 6 Hours. It means we are 6 hours back in year. And to complete those 6 Hours in our life, we add one day extra which we get in 4 years that is in one year we stay back 6 hours and 4 years it is 24 hours. So to complete that 24 hours we add extra one day in four years. We call it as Leap year which comes once in four years.

Why Do We Add Extra Day In February Only ?

A long years ago, a calendar was made by romans. The first calendar was from March to December of 10 Months that means January and February were not present. They left those 2 months as because they don’t work on those two months so they decided not to make on those two months. They realized it when they got summer in march and again next year in march they got winter. Now they decided and said that even numbers are bad luck for them. So they removed one day from the months where they gave 30-30 days. So, They reduced the days from March to December. Now the total days are 298 days.

Now, the moon was seen in different ways. It takes 29.5 days for moon to watch small moon to be more small moon again i.e to complete the orbit. Now if we multiply 29.5 X 12 = 354 which is even number now they add one more day and it became 355 days. This made January to have 29 days and February 28 days. And the left 10 days were added on other months. Now, when leap year has one day extra they decided that every month is of 29, 30, 31 days but February only has 28 days so the Leap year extra day was added to February Month. Leap year comes once in four year and it is added into the month of February.

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Hope you guys have got the reason why February has only 28 days. If you wants to ask more about any thing feel free to contact me in the comment box.

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