Guest Post

We are now accepting "Guest Post" on our blog. So, If you are intrested then you can submit guest post from the below form. But, You have to follow our guidelines properly.

Guidelines for Guest Post:

  1. Do not copy your content/article we will look carefully into it. If we found copied then your post cannot be published on our blog.
  2. Do not send any images in the post because we will add our images related to your content.
  3. Minimum 500 words must be there in the content. So, before sending must count them.
  4. Post should be related to our niche only.
  5. You must have prior knowledge of what you are writing and sending to us.
  6. And the most important, Post language should be English or Hinglish(Font English, Reading Hindi)
  7. You will get one backlink from us which will help you in getting rank.

Wish you all good luck. Start sending us your writings.

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