How To Earn Money From Facebook Video By Facebook Creators ?

Hello everyone, this is manish and today I will be explaining you in details about how can you earn money from facebook videos from the newly launch Facebook creators. This feature will be most helpful for those people who are creating videos regularly on any medium of channel that is on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, E.t.c.

They can monetize their videos with facebook creators and earn money directly from Facebook. Just like YouTube Monetization, Facebook started their own platform for the people who uploads videos regularly.

Who can Apply for Facebook Creators ?

  1. Creators who regularly make and share videos on social platforms, especially brand-safe videos that are three minutes or longer!
  2. Those Creators who are regularly uploading original videos that build loyal viewership and an active community.
  3. Creators who comply with our Monetisation Eligibility Standards and make videos that meet content guidelines for monetisation.

How To Register On Facebook Creators ?

To get started with Facebook Creator you need to fill out the form by Facebook itself. Just follow these steps to fill form correctly.

  • First of all, go to Facebook Creators official Link from Here.

Facebook Creators

After going on this link click on the “Join” button as shown in the picture above.

  • Now, Click on “Sign In” button as shown in below picture.

Facebook Creators

  • After logging in with facebook, Click on “Launchpad” and scroll down you will see “Apply Now” in heading just below that fill out the form which required information.
  • You can download the app from here IOS and Android.

Facebook Creators

Now, facebook will notify you if you’re account is approved or not and about the policy updates in mail.

Facebook Creators

Benefits of Facebook Creators

Creators selected for the Facebook for Creators Launchpad
program are eligible for the following benefits.

Rewards from Facebook Creators

You’ll be eligible to receive a cash bonus on up to four qualifying videos per month (maximum of one per week) with the potential opportunity to use Ad Breaks to earn ad revenue in qualifying videos.

Audience Growth from Facebook Creators

You’ll have the chance to expand your audience by using the help of Facebook to promote your videos to more people through ads run on the platform.

Facebook Watch (Facebook Creators)

In addition to appearing in Facebook News Feed, your videos could also appear in our new social video destination Facebook Watch.

Hope you all liked the article, if you have any confusions regarding anything don’t keep it with you share with us in the comments sections I will help out with that as much as I know.

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