Reasons You Should Stop Using Truecaller On Your Mobile Phone

Hello friends, I'm Manish and today I will share some useful information which will make you stop using truecaller on you mobile phone. Truecaller is the most popular app which help you to search for details of any unknown numbers.

Stop using Truecaller 

But do you ever thought how does the system of truecaller work ? Never, I guess. So, don't worry I will help you about their system and how did they earn money.

If you have truecaller installed in your mobile phone than your data like to whom you talk, to whom you chat and even the records of you calls are all stored with truecaller.

When someone downloads truecaller the data of that person is been stored with them on their server.

Now they will use their machine learning and artificial intelligence to find out the details of your number by searching your name in others contact list and the common name will detect the name of the person. They will map you number with that particular name.

Now, whenever a call with unknown number is coming the job of truecaller becomes easy and they just find out the details from their database as stored.

Its like taking our data and showing others data. Now if you visit their website's privacy policy you will find out what data they actually take. Have a look at this picture.

Truecaller privacy policy data stop using truecaller

They store your geo location, your IP Address, you device ID and Unique ID, device manufacturer, your hardware settings, your SIM card usage, applications installed in your device, your address book, incoming and outgoings calls and message and many others which absolutely you personal information which you have provided the access to them while you sign up before reading them. 

Truecaller app permission, Stop using trucaller

These are the permission truecaller asks you to accept before installing. They are taking these personal informations like your call logs, your records and messages records and have access to see pictures in your gallery and many such more which you don't know. They say they have more than 250 million of installations of their app. 

How Truecaller Earn Money ?

Trucaller uses three different kinds of ways to generate money. 

  • Advertisement on truecaller: 

Truecaller puts advertisement inside their app and when someone unknown calls you a popup appears which shows the name of the person calling just below that popup advertisement is provided.

  • Data Sharing:

They earn more than advertisement from data sharing. Now, you might have question in mind what is data sharing ? Well, Data sharing is one of the biggest and valuable assets which includes you personal information which you would like to keep with yourself and is spreaded now all over the world.

Well, In today's world, dollars or any other currency is not higher value than your data. They sell out your data to their third party websites/ partners. 

They have all data of location wise like if any third party asks them to give any specified locations data its easier for them to find from database as they already have access of your location. 

Now they have the access of catagory wise also as you see nowadays truecaller have Tags option as well which specify the details are of whom for example, Banker, students, artist, moviemaker, finance e.t.c. They have strategies in mind and they sell your data to the third party as needed. 

Well, Truecaller solds out your data in a legal way as you provide them access of what they need. The new features are just added to get more informations and to sell them out.

  • Truecaller for business

Truecaller for business is the another source of their income. If you have huge list of numbers and you don't want to put the numbers on spam they asks for money to list into the business and the spam scores will be low or none. It will work like you called someone and they found no spam records and they attend you call.

With those they have paid version of the app too which provides the informations like who have searched for you number on truecaller and removes ads from the apps with their less charge.

Its a big business and we people are just using to find out the name of unknown number but in return you are selling all your privacy, personal information and many more.


Now the solutions is simple you just need to open on your browser and make a fake gmail ID and use that to login and let them sync it.

This is the best way to use their benefits without sharing your data. But remember the gmail ID should be fresh and don't use that gmail ID anywhere. This means you can get the data of unknown people without sharing your data with them. 

Watch this Video:

  • Never Sign up with Facebook, Gmail E.t.c.
  • If you already installed you can immediately uninstall the App.

Hope, you liked our post. If you have any questions in mind, or any queries please do comment and let me know I will reply you soon as possible. 

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